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Brogo Food Swap

Brogo Food Swap

One of the most wonderful things about being part of the Brogo community is attending our (mostly) monthly Food Swaps. Each month, at a pre-designated venue (someone's home), we get together on a Sunday morning and share the surplus from our own gardens with that of our neighbours. Everyone is welcome to attend regardless of whether you have surplus or not. Bring along a plate of something home-made to share if you can, maybe a cake or some sliced up fresh fruit, and enjoy the company of your neighbours over a nice hot cuppa.

April 2018 Food Swap

Date: 15 April 2018

Time: 9.30am - 11.30am

Hosts: Tim's

Address: 198 Newpark Road BROGO

All things PUMPKIN!!!

May 2018 Food Swap

Date: 20 May 2018

Time: 9.30am - 11.30am

Hosts: Ben and Nina's

Address: 'Merringarra' 105 Hore-Lacey's Road UPPER BROGO


2017 Summer Harvest Long Table Lunch

Date : Sunday 2nd April 2017
Venue : Brogo Fire Shed

In April 2017, the 'Friends of the Fire Shed' organised a Long Table Lunch to replace the usual Brogo monthly food swap. Instead of swapping their excess produce, this time the community brought their produce to the fire shed on the Saturday morning, the food perused, a menu planned, and then the wonderful cooks of the Brogo community gathered together in the swanky new Brogo Fire Shed kitchen and set about creating a seasonal feast for all.

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