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Fire Permits


Fire can be a useful tool for reducing bush fire hazards, reducing rubbish or various agricultural activities. However the inappropriate use of fire can endanger lives, property and the environment. Therefore some approvals may be required before you light a fire. These approvals or permits contain conditions which assist in reducing the risks associated with fire.

Fire permits are not required for fires that are used for cooking or heating provided that:

Bush Fire Danger Period

A permit is required for fires that are lit during the bushfire danger period. Normally this period is from 1 September to 31 March but this does vary depending on local conditions so please check with one of the Permit Officers or Bega Fire Control before you light that fire.

The requirement for fire permits is to help ensure that fire is used safely and minimise the risks to life, your property and community.

The current Permit Officers are:

Bega Fire Control - 6494 7400

Click here for more details on the RFS Website.


Bush Fire Hazard Reduction Certificates

When undertaking a hazard reduction burn it is likely that a Bush Fire Hazard Reduction Certificate will be required to provide the necessary environmental approval for the burn. There are some exceptions to requiring  the certificate such as some agricultural activities and asset protection zones covered by the original Development Application.

Certificates are provided without fees or costs. More details can be obtained from the RFS website. If you require assistance obtaining your Bush Fire Hazard Reduction Certificate including the preparation of maps of the burn area contact your Brogo RFS Community Liaison Volunteers on 6492 7161.


Fire Permits

Fire permits will generally be valid for 21 days from the date of issue and you should allow one to two weeks for the permit to be issued. Permit officers are required to inspect the proposed fire to identify the hazards and assess any risks before issuing a permit.

You should also remember to advise Bega Fire Control (6494 7400) and your neighbours, including the owners of vacant land, for all adjacent properties even if separated by a road or waterway.


Total Fire Ban Days and No Burn Days

Your permit will not be valid on a total fire ban or no burn day.

No burn days are most common around the major cities and population areas and are declared when the potential for smoke pollution is very high.

Information on Total Fire Ban Days can be obtained from the RFS website or phoning NSW Rural Fire Service Information Line on 1800 NSW RFS (1800 679 737).

Details of No Burn Days can be obtained from the NSW Office of Environment & Heritage website or by phoning DECC Environment Line on 131 555.



Remember that the penalties for not obtaining the necessary permits are very significant and if fires do become uncontrollable the consequences for life and property for you and the community can be most serious.

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